Friday, June 17, 2011

How to Make a Glitz Pageant Dress for Your Child at a Low Cost?

E1276_Pageant Glitz Baby doll Cupcake Girls’ Dress
From Miss America to Little Miss Glitz, a pageant just isn't the same without evening gowns. That said, parents do have options when trying to find a beautiful formal gown for their child's pageant without spending a lot of money. With a bit of skill and tasteful design, you can make your child a glitzy pageant gown that will sparkle on any stage.


Review the pageant formal wear guidelines. Depending on the type of pageant your child is entering, there may be specific rules and requirements for an evening gown.
Purchase an inexpensive and simple dress for the foundation of your gown. In order to keep your costs down, choose a simple dress for the shell of your child's evening gown. Remember that the color of this base dress should be the color or theme you want as a end result for your child's glitzy pageant dress.
Fit your child in the basic dress. When you can see how the shell of the gown fits, you can determine what additions and alterations you want to make to the dress to transform it into a glitzy pageant dress.
Reference current pageant gown trends to ensure that the gown will be current. Depending on the age of your child, ask their opinion as well so they can partake in the process.
Make the appropriate additions to the dress. Add any sequins, rhinestones or ribbons using the hot glue gun, and use the sewing kit to add tulle. For sleeves or additional layers, you can also use extra satin or sheer fabrics. This will cover any tulle you add to create the perfect glitzy dress for any pageant.
Complete the necessary finishing work. Before your child wears this dress in a pageant, make sure your work is totally finalized. This includes trimming loose strings, excess thread and ensuring all hems are straight. Steam the evening gown so it will not look wrinkled on stage.

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  1. Oh, also, how can you do the skirt without fishing line, i do not have and cannott afford it so i bought thinn, strong, bedable wire? will it work? i am an experienced sewer.


    1. Bendable wire is not going to work -- the fishing line creates a shape of its own that doesn't get damaged with wear. The bendable wire is going to have to be shaped, will break with use and the child sitting and playing is going to warp it. --- I realize this comment is over 2 years old but just in case others cruise by her like I did - there's my two cents. The bendable wire is not going to work. And I don't know where you are, but I don't really see how bendable wire was cheaper than fishing line -- unless you were trying to use something you already had....

  2. Fishing line is like $2.50 for a big roll

  3. I want to know how to sewing a organza cupcake shell dress toghter, buy a dvd and a pattern from my pagent kids receive the pattern but not the dvd. I email her she did not come back to me. I did not know what to do. I want to make the dress for the 25/05/2013. I make wedding dresses for more than 20 years now. If I can have only a glimps how to put it together I will have not a problem I try a sever times but did not like the cupcake skirt on the internet. the top is not a big problem that I figure out. Is ther somebody who can help me.

    1. Contact me at I bought the pattern from her as well. I did not recieve a dvd either, but I figured it out & we won best dressed! Get ahold of me there and I can help you out with whatever you need.